Pictures that should be touched.

The technique of making Photo Sculpture lets us create works on the basis of optional photography. The pictures are made on wooden boards enameled white. We offer you two options of the fine datail: matt & high glossy
When you upload a photo in a few seconds you will have it converted as varied lines. As a next step according to a given picture a programme for appliances with a computer navigation is created.
It is very crutial becouse the parameters properly selected influence the visibility of the picture and the final effect as well. There is no place for mistakes. At all stages of our work we care about perfect workmanship that is why further processing is performed by a special machine CNC. The the pictures are carefully cleaned afterwards and also protected with colorless acrylic varnish. The last element is a hanger to put the picture up on the wall. Finally everything is carefully packed and safely prepared to be sent to you.

What makes our Photo Sculpture unique?

Our pictures are perceived as graphic works. From a bigger distance they are deceptively similar to photos. Surprise appears when you come closer and you can touch the surface of the picture. You can see clearly then, the vallecula of the lines, which is even 6 mm. The picture turns into a bas-relief.
When the work is well lit it gets more artistic aspects becouse the light that curves on the lines additionally gives the effect of three-dimension. You cannot make it when it comes to canvas or glass.

Below we show you a tiny detail made on a board enameled white with a mat fine detail